Ferrage, Oil on canvas, 30×40 cm, 2022


Estany della Bullosa,
Oil on linen, 50x70cm, 2021


ZEPH, Oil and varnish on canvas, 30x40cm, 2021


« Modern Camouflage, les trente dernières minutes », oil on canvas 30x40cm. 2021


Sans-titre bord de lac, oil on japanese paper rubbed on wood pannel, 30x40cm. 2021


Colorado, Roaring Forch River, Oil on ramie 90 x 70 cm. 2021


Tongass, oil on linen, 100x80cm.


Sans-titre, Oil on linen, 30×40 cm.

The store,

Oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2020

Even Brouk trout get the blues,

Oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2020

Shelters in pieces,

Oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2020

Reappearing ice after all,

Oil on wood pannel, 34x41cm, 2020

Sans titre,

Huile sur toile, 30x40cm, 2020

Republican Goa’uld,

oil on canvas, 20x40cm. 2020.

A quiet hour for a drone,

Oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2020

Absolute beginners reef,

Oil on canvas, 200×140 cm, 2020.

Tie Break Lagoon,

Oil on linen, 30x20cm, 2020.


Oil on canvas. 120x100cm.

Jardin d’hiver 2. Mars.,

Oil on ramie, 100x120cm.








Oil on canvas, 120×90 cm, 2020.

Black Doctor Camo,


Black Doctor Camo,

Oil on canvas, 90X120 cm, 2020.



TURN OVER exhition view

Night Signal,

Sonar Painting System, mixed media, linnen canvas, iron structure. 2019


Mixed media on linnen canvas, 30x25cm, 2019.

Echoes from deepest depth,

Mixed Medias on canvas, 30x25cm, 2019.

Lanterne et cormorans,

Oil on Linnen canvas, 30x25cm, 2019.

« The Bloop »,

Mixed medias on linnen canvas, 25x30cm, 2019.

Lit Oceanique,

Mixed Medias on linnen canvas, 30x25cm, 2019.

Squid Escape,

Oil on canvas, 120x90cm, 2019.

Night Signal,

Oil on linnen 27x35cm, 2019

Souche, Etude.,

Oil on paper rubbed on linnen canvas. 35x27cm. 2019


Oil on japanese paper rubbed on wood panel


Mythologie personnelle, Huile du toile de lin 90x60cm, 2019.

View from spearfishing darkhouse,

Oil, Rabbit skin glue on linen. 2019

Arboretum de Tervuren,

Oil on linen, 2019.

Sold out (Private collection)

Sèches et noyées sur pierre,

Oil on japanese paper, rubbed on wood panel. 2019


oil on canvas, 30×30, 2018.

The Ship,

oil on japanese paper rubbed on wood panel, 24×35, 2019.

We will find you,

oil on canvas, 27×42, 2018.

Interstellar photogrammetry,

oil on canvas, 160×120, 2018.

Tribute to Adam Lonicer,

oil on canvas, 41×35, 2019.


oil on canvas, 33×24, 2018.

Sold out (Private collection)

Pyrroβοτανική in the backyard,

oil on canvas, 80×100, 2018.

« Those fragments i have shored against my ruins »,

oil on japanese paper rubbed on wood panel, 30×50, 2018.

Flies all over the surface,

pigments, oil, on ramie, 90×60. 2018.

Toujours contents,

oil and gouache on canvas, 24×37, 2018.

Sailing over alluvial plain,

oil on canvas, 150×120, 2018.


oil on canvas, 50×60, 2018.

Institut Carrington,

oil on canvas, 20×20, 2018.

Jump they say,

oil on canvas, 20×20, 2018.

White Palms,

oil on wood panel, 24×33, 2018.

La part du loup,

oil on canvas, diptyque 2x 90×60, 2018.

Etude, partie supérieure du crane d’un mosasaure,

oil on canvas, 40×28, 2018.

Black hole and a minigolf,

oil on canvas, 90×60, 2018.

My late and beloved Cyathea,

oil on canvas, 30×30, 2017.


oil on wood-panel, 35×25, 2017.

Commerce maritime,

oil on canvas, 120×80, 2015-2018.

Pays Catalan,

oil on canvas, 60×90, 2017.


oil on canvas, 120×80, 2017.