Predator, first single from BABY BOOM, second LP from CAPELO. Le Syndicat des Scorpions. 2018-2019.

White Hole

White Hole, video, 7mm, 2015.

A scientific experiment as a ritual:
Powerfull Solar oven from Mont-Louis in the heart of the Catalan pyrenees Mountains. Power of the sun.

Se perdre à New York

Se Perdre A New York, 26 mm court-métrage, 2015.

A portrait of François Charton, inhabitant of Tharoiseau, a small village in Yonne, France. François, also known as « Fanchon », embodies the memory of this place, however, we have come to know through his own territorial approach, that his memory is slowly crumbling into dust, taking with it a forgotten langage.


DV film, 27mm, 2014.
A gallery of portraits as an anthropological approach to the complex colonial collections of The Royal Museum of Natural History in Brussels.